At Crixus we strive to create cutting-edge and innovative film and video. We are experienced and dedicated professionals, with both the comprehensive technical ability and raw creative passion to produce films of the utmost quality, whatever the criteria.

Who Are We

At Crixus we are experienced professionals within film. We have both the full technical ability and creative hunger that drives us to bring the best quality to our film and videos. With a professional working relationship of 6 years and counting, together we have a network of freelance crew and creatives working with us in London, we are never short of exciting talent to collaborate with. Over the years we have acquired some of the best cinematic camera systems, lighting, sound and rigging as well as gaining strong connections with rental houses, we also have a vast knowledge of studios and filming locations within and around the city.

We are experts in video marketing and have a great understanding of the requirements needed in a successful video marketing campaign and how to make it stand out from the crowd. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we’ll tell you about our online video and social media packages.

6K Video

We shoot in 6K, an ultra high resolution to give the highest amount of flexibility and quality for any video format you might want. 6K footage also produces perfect image screen grabs.

Cloud Updates

We offer a free Internet cloud service through an online server . This will display an updated edit so that you can monitor your project throughout every stage of postproduction.

Network of talent

Similar to an agency, we have direct access to some of London’s most talented dancers, actors, singers, stuntmen and a whole variety of emerging and established skilled performers through our past creative projects.

Revolutionary aesthetics

We believe in uncovering new stylish visuals. We work together to go above and beyond with our cinematography to create beautiful imagery and revolutionary aesthetics.


High-end equipment

With us we bring some of the industry’s highest standard camera systems, lighting, rigging and sound recording equipment. Please see our equipment page for a full list of our inventory.

Inspirational Ideas

We will work with you on developing your ideas for the screen through every step. We want you to feel free to take advantage of our experience and industry knowledge throughout preproduction so that together we can construct an inspired picture.